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English language courses

for people and professions

Forget pigeon !

" Speak English like a native "

               " Quality native speakers on a 1 to 1 basis * "

               * unless you choose a Formal or Business course

It´s as simple as A B C !

1. Choose  your Course
2. Enrol using a Credit Card or PayPal
3. You start speaking English from the first lesson

What level of English best describes you ?

If you are unsure, please contact us, to find a level that best suits you.

Proficiency  Fluency Communication  Pronunciation 
Advanced Speaks like a native Communicates like a native  Speaks with natives with ease
Int-Advanced  Speaks with little / no pauses  Can explain complicated issues with ease  Easy to understand most of the time 
 Intermediate Speaks quickly but can be unclear  Solid vocabulary and grammar  Listener must concentrate to understand most of the topic
Beginner Plus Speaks slowly with repetition  Limited grammar and vocabulary Hard to understand
Beginner  Very slow speaker with lots of pauses Severely limited grammar and vocabulary  Very hard to understand
  • Lessons are dynamic and active so that students are more effective when communicating.
  • The activities are focused on real life situations, conversation, vocabulary, and grammar.
  • Our teachers have many years of teaching experience.
  • The goal of the courses is to develop effective communication skills and improve the students’ knowledge from authentic native speakers.
  • Our teaching method is focused on speaking, but all four key language skills are addressed according to your needs: speaking, listening, reading, and writing.
Some of our teachers
Colin Woods
With over 5 years of experience in teaching Spanish, he is a true master when it comes to intensive courses.
Jessica White
One of the best teachers from our school, she is constantly bringing new and interesting teaching methods into our classes.
Sally Gemson
Truly passionate about foreign languages, she manages to succesfully share her enthusiasm with the students.
Special offers

This month we have a special offer for our students: 20% off any course you choose. Don't miss out on this opportunity — learn English and save money at the same time.

Look at our courses
Course Description Price
Native 1-1 In case you have a very busy schedule, work shifts, or simply want to learn language on a one-on-one 
basis, individual classes will be a perfect solution! It is structured on a "pay as you go" service.  
Native 1-1 plus A short-term course, aimed for those who need to quickly and effectively gain knowledge and skills. T.B.A.
Trade Business English is intended for companies, but individuals are welcome. Users are presently taught on a one to one basis, but group classes will commence shortly.  Please enquire to see how we may best suit your needs. T.B.A.
Other classes   Please ask about our specialised  Medical, Tourism, Travel and Banking / Finance packages T.B.A.

Here you will find the most competitive prices in your city!

Contact us and enjoy our latest special offers now.

Learning steps
Learning styles

Find out your learning style

When a baby starts to speak, their are no classrooms, therefore, there is  little or no paper work or grammar during lessons. In our conversational classes, interuptions or correction are kept to a minimum. Students speak 90% of the time and learn naturally by using real conversations, without translating.

We aim for a fluent accent like a native speaker within three months subject to attendence and level.

Each person has a different learning style – if your friends were able to learn a new language during a group class, this doesn’t mean that this is the perfect solution for you. Take into consideration the schedule of classes and register for the one that’s best suited for you. 

We offer personal or intensive courses, on a teacher to student basis, we believe quality is very important for students who need their space to successfully learn a new language. 

Perfect attendance 


We don’t encourage skipping classes and this is why the perfect attendance is one of our basic rules. You need continuity to be able to learn. 

And not only this – if you want perfect results you should be as active as possible during classes. Get involved as much as you can and you will see results in no time.

course attendance matters
Practice makes perfect

Practice makes perfect

We’re sure that you’ve heard this a million times, but it’s always true. Take advantage of all the opportunities offered by our school and practice the new language as much as possible.

Whilst our emphasis is on conversation, additional work is available for students preparing for examinations, many methods are employed to keep our courses interesting but challenging, but in the end, we believe your success is our future.

Our students say...
The intensive class was a great experience for me. The amazing teachers have definitely helped me take my language knowledge to the next level. Thank you!
Great language school, amazing teachers and noticeable results. If you are looking for language courses, I would definitely recommend these guys! Congrats!
Everything about them is extraordinary – the passion shown by the teachers, the originality of the classes and the extraordinary results make them the best in the field.

Why join us? 

We believe in technology and use the latest digital devices and software to make your experience successful.

Compared to other courses, our coure structure is "state of the art", the staff offer more interactive and

      flexible content than static programmes, but finally, our approach has the speed to meet your dreams.

It could be for travel, a promotion, or just making your family more bi-lingual.

What ever your lifestyle, please usk us about our choices.

We offer:

Individual courses

Travel / Interview

Intensive courses

Business courses

Choose your topics

Maximum of 10 students per class

 We can supply preloaded digital devices on request.

Results and fun are guaranteed because we feel "Native 1-1" is the fastest way for you to learn and be cost effective !

Course Information

 We have supplied some files for your information. The information may change, but we hope it may help you when making your decision(s).  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us - we will be glad to help.

Uspeak T&C´s

Download the file and you will be able to discover our entire range of courses and prices.


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